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Paceship Ads

Below are some old print ads that some of you may find entertaining or even informational.  Some of these files are somewhat large but they were built to print well a full page ads.

Great Paceship 32/28 Ads
submitted by Sheridan Carey of Westwood, MA

More Paceship ads!

An October capitalizing on Britt Chances "Bad boy" competitor image back when!

A great ad showing the Northwind but also the rare Atlantic Trawler 37.  Unofficial sources indicate 44 or these trawlers were built!

1975 PY23/PY26 Ad from AMF Paceship

A Circa 1973 Ad on The Paceship Daysailers available at the time

Thanks to Duncan Cameron
for these 70's ads!

Great ad on the Northwind from March or '70

A familiar format ad but for the P23 in Nov '71

A neat Sept '70 ad for the P32

Thanks to Jack Gutter, an Ad from a 1965 Yachting Magazine. Interesting is the line of boats represented at the time, the fact they were still using the stylized logo version (vs the Pacehip sail) and that the picture captioned P32 is really a westwind!

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