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So How can you get your question answered?

1. Look for Stuff on the site! There is LOTS of stuff on the site so look around. EVERYTHING we have (except for very recent submissions) is on the website already! If you are having trouble finding something, try the Table of Contents page!

2. Try using our on site Google search engine. We've set up with Google to provide a site indexing and a search engine tool for all of our 10,000+ pages! If you can't find it with search, well...we may not have it. But...don't forget to ask someone if you don't get an answer!

3. Write to other Paceshippers in the Owner's Directory! We have literally hundreds of member owners who have signed up to have their name and email address listed in the Owner's Directory. They have done that for the express purpose of being available to other owners who might need their help. Go to the Member info area on the main menu to find other owners! You can find them in all kinds of ways, by model, state/Province or even by name! So drop them a line from their contact page on their PPP!

4. Join the Paceship Forum! There Paceship members both Newbies and Gurus help one another with tips and ideas to make their boat and sailing even better. Whether you are looking for information, some help with a repair or restoration project, some info on how to sail your particular Paceship model better give the new Paceship Forums a try! Just go to The Paceship Forum and register. Although Our old paceship forum is shut down so it may not get new posts, it will remain as a resource for folks all over the world.

5. And of course don't forget you are always welcome to write to us! We LIKE to get mail with your comments, suggestions and even complaints about stuff you think could be better on The Paceship Website. So, by all means if you can't get an answer to your question from the above sources, feel free to holler at us here!


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