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For Sale: New Factory Mainsail for P17 Paceship
Categories: Sails, P 17
 Posted 8/20/2017
Incredible Find New factory mainsail complete with batts and sail bag for Paceship 17. This was an incredible find right from the old factory in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. When the building was repurposed, the new owner sold off inventory that had been sitting for decades. I was fortunate enough to get this new mainsail in perfect condition for my Paceship 17, but never used it. If you need a replacement or restoring your boat to original condition, this sail will keep your boat authentic. For pics and more info, please reply to this ad. Thanks.

Price: $ 600.00 Canadian
Fredericton, NB Cd  
Click here to email!  Tele: 506-474-0567


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