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Meet Hank Schut from Vancouver, British Columbia. So what's up with Hank? Well besides being one of the most prolific Paceship web Bloggers (known as a PLOGGER!) and a regular contributor with pictures and

information about his Paceship Chance 32/28...he also has one of the sweetest 32/28's we know of anywhere. .And it did not get there by mistake. Since 2009, Hanks has been slowly, meticulously restoring his boat and talking about it all along the way.

Tale a look at Hanks Paceship Personal Page (PPP) HERE! to see his many pix and descriptions, his many log entries, links, and his personal review of his Chance 32/28.

Hank is one of the most read "Plogs" on the site with commentary about most everything he has worked through on his boat and more! Check it out! If you like what you see, use the "Contact" page on his PPP to drop him a line.

Hey, and while you are at it and now that we have the Log system running again...why not start your own Plog!?

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