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The Very First PY23
Production Boat

We have written to many members over time asking about the particulars of their boats relative to the "Hull Identification Number" (HIN) or hull number (they are different!). If you have not responded to such queries ...SHAME ON YOU! (but you can redeem yourself NOW!) as this info allows us to understand the history of Paceship better and also allows us to determine the number of boats built over the years.

One member, Kevin Hand of Spencerport, NY responded to our query about his submitted HIN. Kevin verified via photo his HIN of PAYY3AABM74A which says (the M74A) that his boat was manufactured in the first month of the model 1974 year (August of 1973 - the "A") and that it is boat  001 (the "AAB" in the HIN). This means that it is NUMBER ONE for 1974.  Additionally, although we have had owners suggest their boat was a 1973 version, none have come forward with a valid HIN.  EVERY boat in 1973 under both Canadian and US law had to have a HIN.

Kevin Hands PY23

Now, we have several members who have submitted their boats as 1973 versions and although we know there were likely some prototype boats that were manufactured to test the molds and other aspects of the designs out there, we have never had any of the owners come forward with inforMation on these boats. So unless someone comes forward with a verifiable HIN, it appears we have found the VERY FIRST PY23 ever built!

Congratulations to Kevin Hand for his diligence in rooting out the info on his HIN and having [apparently] the very first PY23 built!

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