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Gooderham's Northwind "Impulse"
takes 3rd Place for the 2002 LSI Series

Our own Wayne Gooderham, charter member and ongoing supporter of The Paceship Website, has captured the 3rd place spot in the Lake Simone Interclub Series for the year! Click here for the complete results!

Wayne had shared with us at the end of last season he was finally going to bite the bullet and custom make some new sails especially for his Northwind 29 with an eye on performance!.  Some of you know Wayne as the owner of Shoreline Sails ( and a  proponent of some of the new sail design technologies.

Wayne frequently employs loose footed mains with full batons in his sail plan recommendations for many boats and sailors.

Wayne knows Paceships and the sails that perform well on them so it no surprise he came up with a winning sail combination for his Northwind.  Of course it might have a little to do with some sailing smarts too!

He told us today "we placed third overall in our class in the Lake Simone Interclub Series on Lake Simcoe for 2002. The new sails sure made a difference with us having two firsts and three seconds in the best 5 races of the season."

With sadness he notes "It's getting close to the end of the sailing year for us Canucks with the boats being hauled out on the 19th of October"   Congrats on a great season Wayne!!!

Wayne says "A pic of us taken from the Hunter 34 (not in our division - one up) we were ahead of  in a 22NM race on Sept. 1st!
Click the pic
for a bigger one!


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