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Running Free and Hurricane Juan

by Paul Bailey

I have been meaning to send in a few pic's of what happened to my Chance, "Running Free" and hurricane Juan.  Halifax got hit VERY hard by the storm and my boat got damaged....up to this point all I know that it is major cosmetic damage only as I still sailed it to the boat yard (a 9 hour trip) where the new paint and work will be completed. 

In the picture [to the left] the larger mooring ball to the left is the mooring that my boat was tied to. 

I was at the yacht club and watched the whole storm build....then 2 boats in the mooring field drifted back and got caught up with my boat (at one point there was a white boat on either side of mine) 

I knew that my mooring could not hold 3 boats....the next time I looked....everything was gone !!  My boat and a bunch in the mooring field.  When I found my boat it was among a approximately a dozen in the area of this picture all banging and smashing in to each other.  It was a very hard thing to watch. 
There was a lot of boats in the Halifax harbor that were very badly a small way I was very lucky.  I have not finalized everything with the insurance adjuster...yet....will see how much luck I really have when it comes to the bottom much it will cost me !!

In the other picture, this is just a short distance from my yacht club.  I do not know the name of the boat or the owner....but it definitely looks like a Paceship PY26 ?


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