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The Marion to Bermuda Races
in a Paceship/Chance 32/28

I owned [a Paceship/Chance 32/28] named Quicksilver that I did the 1979 and 1981 Marion to Bermuda races in. I placed third in class in the 1981 race. It took us 5 days, 20 hours to get to Bermuda.

Our trip to Bermuda in 79 was brutal. We saw sustained winds of 35 with gusts to 55 for 2-3 days. The swells looks like about 30'. We damaged the boat's ribs after falling off two waves in the 1979 race and had to do extensive repairs in 1980 to get ready for the 81 race.
I also had Brit Chance do a new keel in 1980. It had a PHRF-NE racing rating of 144 (with new keel) which is very fast for a 31 foot boat. I also had a new mast installed after an LNG dismasted the boat when it got out of the shipping lane in Quincy, MA and hit my boat at its mooring.

Sheridan Carey, Westwood, MA

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Sheridan writes: I sold the boat to sold the boat to Richard Welch of Marblehead who was a member of Boston Yacht Club. He renamed the boat Real Gusto. He did the 1985 Marblehead to Halifax race. Here is the cover of the 1991 Marblehead to Halifax Race book featuring Chance 32-28 Real Gusto, formerly Quicksilver, hull no. 18!

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