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Who'd a Thunk It!???
In the photo, closest to the dock are my wife and I on our 1976 PY. Next is my daughter, Michele Weyant, and her boyfriend, Doug Fitch, on their 1975 PY. Next is my racing competitor, John Keeler, on his 1979 PY, and on the outside is his nephew and father-in-law, Bruce Hart, on his 1977 PY.
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By John Weyant Sr
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What are the odds of finding four red Paceship PY23s
together on a small lake in northeast Ohio?

All four have slips on the same dock at the Mosquito Lake State Park.  We  were able to get them all rafted off with their flags flying at the courtesy dock on the 4th of July.  We all enjoy the comraderie and bragging rights to owning a fast, responsive and comfortable sailing machine, the PY 23.

There is another red PY 23 under repair at a home and a white PY23 in the same marina on another dock, making a total of six for the area.  I don't know if that is enough to form the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Paceship members Assn.

A Boat only pic to the right
Thanks John!  You know, we think you can NEVER have enough Paceships!  Dunno about a Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Paceship members but we are sure wondering about when the next class race series will be held!

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