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Five was not Enough!
(or Now on to Seven!)

Dateline April 2008
This article was submitted by Bob Johnson of Burlington, KY.
This is an update to his prior story found here!
Another Paceship for Capt. Bob
By Bob Johnson

Those who know me will not be surprised to learn that I recently acquired my seventh Paceship and eighteenth sailboat overall. That’s right – the numbers are SEVEN and EIGHTEEN. For those of you who think your spouses are taking boating ownership to the extreme, you probably have a way to go to catch me. I think the only one who was in the same league with me was Capt. Duffy. It’s not necessarily a good or bad thing; it’s just another boating story.

Bob's SEVENTH Paceship!
The latest Paceship, a 1979 PY 26, was bought sight-unseen on the Internet. It was located in my old sailing grounds, the Chesapeake Bay. It had been raced extensively in the St. Michaels’ Wednesday night races by an older gentleman, Rob Marsh. When Rob died, his son wanted to sell the boat quickly so he put it on the Internet. The boat turned out to be very dusty (dirty) in the cabin and the cushions were shot but the sails and Yanmar motor were in excellent condition. I currently have the boat on Tilghman Island getting refurbished. Once it’s shipshape, I will turn it over to my daughter, Angela, who is now living in Maryland. I will probably be seen on it from time-to-time, however.

Part of the refurbishment consists of changing out the Tuff-Luff foil to a CDI furler. And I want to swap out the Martec folding prop for a fixed blade for ease of handling for a beginner. The 30 ft Tuff-Luff foil and the Martec prop (12” diam. By 5” pitch, RH, 1” shaft) are available if anyone is interested. I make good deals!

My first Paceship was a Paceship 23 bought at the 1970 Washington, DC boat show. I had only been sailing for two years but couldn’t resist the slick lines of this new, C&C designed Paceship. It was hull no. 3, the

first one to be sold commercially. As I remember it cost $6,000 but did come with spinnaker gear and a 10 hp outboard.

A couple of years later I bought a new Paceship Mouette, a 19 ft. open cockpit daysailer. A great boat with a lot of nice features.

When I moved to Ohio in 1976 I began sailing a couple of other daysailers but saw an ad in the Cincinnati paper for a “Paceship 23”. Thinking it would be the C&C design I was surprised to see that it was the Hunt-designed PY23 with a keel/centerboard. Had to have it! I eventually took it to Florida and left it on the Peace River for winter sailing.

My roving eye – by that time I was in my mid-life crisis era – spotted a fin-keel PY 23 at a Hillsboro lake. I had to have that because it had a fin keel similar to my original P23. I fixed that up, painting its hull a bright red, and took it to Florida as well. I was running out of names for boats by then so this one was named “Thirteen”.

A few years after selling my then current boat, a Seafarer 26 that I was sailing at Brookville, I found a Paceship P20 daysailer. This is a rare boat; not many were made, and a classic design. I drove to Kansas City to pick that one up.

Later I went back to sailing boats on the Chesapeake. Finally thought I should stop solo-sailing so I sold my Seafarer 26 which was boat no. 16 and thought I was out of sailing.

Last fall, I saw an Internet sale for a 1966 Paceship Mouette, the same as my second Paceship. I decided it was worth acquiring without regard to where/when I’d sail it. Paul Hemker has helped me this winter to fix it up.

Then last month I saw and bought the PY 26 on the Chesapeake. This really shouldn’t count as addictive because I intend to turn it over to my daughter.

So, for spouses who are concerned with their mates’ boating ventures, don’t start to worry until it gets to seven or eight.

If there is any interest among the club, I will fill in the saga of the other eleven sailboats I’ve owned.

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