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10 years old Happy Birthday to US
We're 10 years Old!
It  just seems like yesterday but it has been 10 years (as of July 8th 2009) since The Paceship Website first appeared on the web!  It started as a single web page but soon people began to write in with interest. It was Dale Atchley of Texas and

Wayne Gooderham of Toronto who first wrote to provide information on their boats (and others) to add to the site.

Although Dale sold his boat and we have not heard from him in a while, Wayne Gooderham is still a member today (the oldest in fact!) and he eventually started a business providing sails for Paceship and other sailors called "Shoreline Sails"

Wayne is still a regular contributor and an unwavering supporter of Paceship boats, their owners as well as the website!

With the help of many members, the site expanded as we collectively learned about different models and variations over the years. The site was expanded to include earlier brethren of the breed called "Paceships" (Paceship plural) plycraft boats which proceeded the fibreglass sailboats of (mainly) the 60's, 70's and (with AMF).the early 80's

Today, as you know we have over 750 active members. Even members, who for what ever reason need to sell their Paceships, wind up wishing to stay on as "Emeritus" members willing and able to support other Paceshippers in need.  Once on board,that enjoy the friendships and comradery that is the hallmark of our group. We have heard countless stories of members finding help and friendship with folks in their area or with the same model or genre. Paceships "plycraft" owners are just now finding their feet and those boats and their owners are coming out of the woodwork almost daily.

Find Below a list of the 25 active members with the most seniority in our group. Click on a name to see their PPP! If you are not on the list, hang around a few years, maybe you will make it to the list on our next anniversary!

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