Personal Log Entry
Edgar (Ed) Lower, Jr.
City:Jersey Shore  St/Prov:PA   Country US
Current Home Port: Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania  Port used during this entry: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
Boat Name: Charisma  Model on this day:  PY23
Date Line: 2/7/2015   Updated:2/7/2015 
Title:Winter Refit

Description: Winter Blues

This fall brought Charisma down from Maine (by trailer). Thirty minutes from lake at Bald Eagle State Park, and three hours from Chesapeake Bay. Just ordered parts for outboard. Too cold and snowy to get on boat. Looking for an early spring.
Latitude/Longitude: 41.13N 77.45W
Weather: Wind E@8, 31F PCloudy
# Crew:  1 Crew Names: Dee (the ADMIRAL)  
Last updated: 2/7/2015