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PY23 Owner Reviews

Review By: Dan Mulligan on 9/5/2017

Review By: Tom Delombarde on 7/31/2011
Wonderful Pocket Cruiser

My recently acquired PY23 is a slight downsize from my last boat: A Midship 25 (Parker Dawson 26). My Midship was a slightly rare fixed keel model (most were swing keels) and while it sailed quite well, the required almost five feet of draft and anti-trailerability eventually became negatives.

After a boatless period pf several years I set out on a boat search. I wanted something in the 20' - 24' class with a swing keel, less weight and easily trailerable. One of my concerns was that so many boats in this class were built mainly for price - too often were something that more or less looked like a sailboat and built to be low priced above all else.

A friend who is a marine surveyor and sailor quickly lined me up with this PY-23. What I saw was a boat that seemed to have been designed and built very well, far outclassing the mass of "price" boats. After a few days of replacing companionway boards and such, she finally went into the drink and the true test was given: How does she sail?

At this point I've been sailing her for about a month and have found nothing to make me dislike her. She sails very well (in fact is much livelier than the Midship was in light air) on all points of sail in conditions (so far) up to a little over 15 kts. She's stable, well balanced, predictable and moves well - the short frequency 3' - 5' Western Lake Erie seas that I have sailed in to date haven't phased her or made her become clumsy.

Since I am 6'3" I knew that there wouldn't be standing headroom but being able to poke around in shallow water more than makes up for that. The main use for the boat is day sailing and short (under a week) cruising. The PY23 is proving an excellent choice for this and I am quite pleased with it.

PY23 Cruising Trailer
Review By: Robert Denton on 10/27/2010
Bad weather, dry boat

On Mobile Bay the weather is always a guess at best. Storms blow in on almost a daily basis and you never are quite sure what to expect. On July 4, 2010, my girlfriend Elain and I sailed from Fowl River Marina to the North end of the Bay (about 15 miles one way) to watch the fireworks. The weather on th e third had been great. That day started out as beautiful as the day before, but started down hill. Thunderstorms were moving through and for the most part we were without rain but watched the storms move around us. The wind was building all day. We were able to set anchor and watch the show which was beautiful. Then we decided to head home at about 11 in the evening. We sailed the entire return trip with a reef in the main, and no headsail. She sailed like a dream on a broad reach most of the trip. The seas were very bumpy, short and two to four feet tall. We did take some spray into the cockpit, but for the most part we stayed dry.


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