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Paceship Yachts Ltd - Mouette

Designer: George W. McVay

Sail Plan Elevation
Submitted by The Paceship website
Elevation of Mouette

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The following information is taken from the original Sales Brochure for the Mouette which was obtained from the original parent company of Paceship Yachts Ltd:Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd. of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

A 19'6" high performance centerboard model daysailer, which has a large cockpit suitable for 4-6 people. The Mouette is a class boat, which offers the beginner as well as the expert the challenge and fun of daysailing and racing. She is of fiberglass construction including hull, deck and cockpit liner, which gives her a self-bailing cockpit and ease of maintenance found only in fiberglass construction. The beginner will find the Mouette a wide, safe and sea kindly craft. She has positive foam flotation, which is adequate to support the hull with reserve buoyancy. Speed in addition to grace is one of Mouette's characteristics and she's becoming well known as a boat to beat in her size range.

Construction: Construction is of multi-laminate fiberglass with polyester resins used throughout. She is built from a one piece mold by hand lay-up techniques. All colors are molded in and her waterline, hull color and deck color is offered in your choice of seven standard colors. Mouette carries a 6 month warranty on all parts and is known for its high quality of finish and trouble-free maintenance.

Contruction/Finishes and Options 

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