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Purchased my first Paceship, a 1974 PY26 about halfway through the 2009 sailing season from a gentleman in Milwaukee, WI. This was my first boat and I learned that there are alot of maintenace projects to be accomplished on a 36 y/o boat. I picked quite a few the first season on the hard to include fixing some soft spots on the cabin roof, installing new solar venting, replacing all of the lifeline stanchions, repairing/polishing both bow and stern pulpits, and re-fairing the rusted keel. The mast was pulled and all new wiring and lighting installed. The mast also received a modification to the masthead to allow the installation of an additional spinnaker/spare halyard and all new running rigging was installed. Electronics upgrades included replaced a leaking through hull speed sensor with a new Garmin Triducer (NMEA 2000) coupled to a GPSMAP 441S chartplotter and installation of a new DSC capable VHF radio.

At the end of the 2010 sailing season the weather was perfect for some late season sailing before our scheduled Oct 22 haul out. Unfortunately on October 2nd Crafty Bastard ran aground as we were heading out of the harbor. The winds were blowing around 25kts and the swells were around 5ft from the south. On the way out of the harbor we dropped into a trough that caused the keel to hit bottom. The soft bottom did not initially cause any damage however it stopped our forward momentum and the wind and waves began to drive us into the shallows of the harbor. The waves continued to drive the keel into the bottom for over an hour until we were able to finally get the boat towed out. The persistent impacts to the keel caused the keel joint to separate and begin taking on a small amount of water.

During the winter as I was mulling over the repairs that needed to be completed, I happened to find another PY26 in the local area on ebay. The auction was a charity auction with no reserve. I was able to go over and inspect the boat and decided that I would put in a bid. I ended up winning and purchased my new to me 1975 PY26. I decided that I would swap out all of the components I had worked so hard on from Crafty Bastard onto the new boat. After completing the repairs to the keel joint, I then donated Crafty Bastard back to the charity that I purchased Jenmar from.

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