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Boat Name: Ars Nova
Joined: Tuesday, May 22, 2001
Member Type A
Location: Winnipeg  MB CA
Home Port:
Kenora, ON
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Bill &  Debbie
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We sail on Lake of the Woods, a large body of water that straddles the Ontario, Minnesota, and Manitoba boundaries, and eventually drains into Hudson Bay via the Winnipeg River, Lake Winnipeg, and Nelson River. The Minnesota portion of the lake is wide open and shallow, but changes drastically when it meets the Ontario border and the Canadian Shield. The northern portion of the lake has thousands of islands, many featuring prime mooring locations and uninhabited beaches. Winds can be tricky as they change direction as they follow shorelines and narrow channels.

Our PY23 was purchased from David Chale, Lobstick Bay, Sioux Narrows, in 1992 and came with an unreliable Chrysler 6Hp engine, which wouldn't start when it was truly needed. The boat had one previous owner before that, and had been moored at Northern Harbour, near Kenora. We had never sailed before. Spent the first two seasons wondering if the water was low enough for our mast to clear the Sioux Narrows Bridge, (We had seen a Minnesota boat lose the weathervane leaving port, then the mooring light on the return trip.) and only day sailed until we purchased the Suzuki 9.9 in 1994.

We mostly sailed the Whitefish Bay area of the lake until we moved the boat to Kenora in 2002, after purchasing a summer home there.

This year (2009-2010), our PY23 is still on the trailer suffering from hull osmosis. It will be repaired over the winter, and ready for use next May.

May, 2011- The boat was not repaired until the end of July, and looked great. Five days later, we were hit by winds of up to 90 kms. and obtained some nasty scratches in the new paint from heaving against the dock.

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