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Boat Name: Charisma
Joined: Sunday, October 23, 2011
Member Type A
Location: Jersey Shore  PA US
Home Port:
Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
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Edgar (Ed)
Member background, bio and/or comments
My wife and I have just bought and trailered home our PY23. Our first "voyage" of 519 miles!

Working on refitting summer 2013. Moved to Pennsylvania, winter 2013-4.Looking forward to sailing the Susquehanna River, Delaware River and Bay, and the Chesapeake this summer.

Update Spring 2016...This will be the year to "splash" Charisma! All major refitting completed, now just putting her all back together. Will shakedown on Sayer Lake at Bald Eagle State park in a few weeks.

Update Summer 2018......A move later......finishing up stuff.......this summer we splash!

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