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Boat Name: Jessie
Joined: Monday, August 03, 2015
Member Type A
Location: Calgary  AB CA
Home Port:
Western Shore, N.S.
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Ex-pat Bluenoser living in Calgary, Alberta with a shared interest cottage with my mother in Western Shore, Nova Scotia. Get home often and bought this boat from a neighbour friend who outgrew sailing and had maintained and stored it indoors for the last 5 years. Came with 2 sets of sails (one from Toronto!), lots of extra sheets and halyards, mooring buoy, well maintained 4 horse power, 2 stroke outboard, collapsible paddles etc. Previous owner had dunked it a few times, so double hull and fore and aft cuties are stuffed with styrofoam. Original drop aluminum rudder. Added a tiller extension and ready to go! Have had several solo sails in moderate breeze, but today was first real test with both wind and and human ballast ... she handled well all over Mahone Bay. Grew up sailing Flying Juniours, so being able to sail an iconic, Mahone Bay built boat in Mahone Bay seems right.

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