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Joined: Saturday, November 26, 2016
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Location: East Haddam  CT US
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Haddam, Ct
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I have just purchased a Chance 29/25 for back storage from a marina in Haddam, Ct. and am in the process of restoring it. The hull is in great shape but the interior is missing many elements due to an aborted restoration by the previous owner. On deck, the boat is missing some winches on the cabin top on either side of the companionway, as well as the instrument pod. I am hoping to reach out to any current members who may currently own a Chance 29/25 so that I may get some interior and exterior photos to help in my restoration. I grew up sailing on Cayuga Lake and Lake Ontario in New York State and have owned many boats, but feel that this Chance 29/25 is a real diamond in the rough.

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