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Joined: Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Corran Ban, Prince Edward Island
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I purchased my P2-20 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in July of 2017; she is currently named “Blue Dolphin” but I am intending to re-name her Artemis, after the ancient Greek goddess of hunting and the wilderness, at some future time. The delightful people from whom I had purchased Artemis had only sailed her once, and had only owner her for a couple of years. Jay Moran has identified the owner previous to them as Steven Schofield of the Shubenacadie area of Nova Scotia. Because I had a very busy summer, and because my old boat – a DS16 (Calliope) – was already on her mooring ready to sail, I never did get time to launch Artemis. I was told by the previous owners that she leaks, and this is something I will address.

The P2-20 appeals to me because of her shallow draft , spaciousness for her size, her towing weight, and her relatively undercanvassed sailplan – among many other things. Her actual draft with the board up is not reported in any specs (or correctly reported at least), but it is 14” I have determined by measurement on the trailer to the waterline. Artemis herself is in excellent shape – her deck gel coat is without cracks apart from damage around one side of the bow pulpit that I will repair. I do not want to sail her until I install a boarding ladder (an often-forgotten but crucial safety feature). I have made a “to-do list” of things that I want done before launching, but am overall very pleased at how sound and complete the boat is. One thing I did notice is that he V-berth is a tad short, and I intend to alter it to lengthen it by about 6”. I am looking forward to the ‘space’ of this 19’3” boat after overnighting in my 16-foot boat in the past. What luxury!

It is my intention to use my 2.3 hp four-stroke longshaft Honda aircooled outboard on her; I am hoping that it will be powerful enough. Given that I sail in weedy and shallow waters, having a centerboard boat with an outboard that won’t clog both make sense. I am concerned that the centerboard is going to be difficult to raise and lower – I like to adjust centerboards as I sail for both balance and for shallow spots – as it is 425 pounds. I am considering adding a small electric winch to raise and lower it, and would be interested to know if other’s have tried this with any of their boats.

My hope is to cruise Prince Edward Island waters, and in particular the Northumberland Strait between PEI and Nova Scotia/New Brunswick this summer. I will have to arrange a way to ergonomically use my laptop in Artemis as I work virtually. I realize it is a tiny boat compared to most, but with the pop-top and some planning, I think it will be quite comfortable.

All of this is speculative at the moment. I am thrilled with my P2-20 so far, and am hoping that she sails well and does all I am thinking that she can. PEI is often very windy, and I do sail out of Tracadie Bay into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and can encounter large seas and very high winds. I am thinking that Artemis will be up to the task, but shall see.

Wishing everyone fair winds! - Peter

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