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Boat Name: Jay Patch III
Joined: Monday, July 30, 2018
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Location: Peru  NY US
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United States
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I'm glad to be back to sailing and especially glad to own a beautiful little P-12 Oak Island now. I started sailing when I was 12 thanks to some help from the Boy Scouts -- fell in love with the sensation of water and wind right away. It wasn't until I taught other kids how to sail at the Greater Lawrence Community Boating Program in Massachusetts a few years later that I really understood what a sailboat was telling me. I left sailing behind for college and career, but bought a 1977 AMF Sunbird in 2000. I didn't know much about buying boats, or cracked centerboard cases, or wet balsa core, but I learned a lot those first few summers. However, I brought the Sunbird back to life and enjoyed a bunch of years sailing on Lake Champlain (we live on the New York side). After we had kids, I stopped making time for sailing and sold the Sunbird. However, this summer, after visiting the boating program where I taught as a kid (it's still going strong), I caught the fever again. A few weeks later, I found a gorgeous P-12 named Jay Patch III on Craigslist and fell in love. The rest, as they say, is history. Glad to be here. Special thanks to Jay for being so welcoming and helping me put a year on the JPIII. Fair winds!

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