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Hi Jay, just to update you and the group. Grimalkin, my 1971 Paceship P20 which I offered for sale last year but never sold, was destroyed by fire last Saturday night (11/5/11). It was stored next to my brother's SeaRay, which in turn was next to his barn/workshop.

I assume you heard about (or got hit by) the early but heavy snow storm that hit the north east; well after a week my brother got the power back, but the line from the road to the barn was damaged. Power came back at 8:05pm, and the barn was fully engulfed by 8:30pm.

The barn collapsed onto the boats, destroying them. My brother's boat is completely gone, the port side of mine is gone. Don't know if the trailer is salvageable. The sails (old & new suits) & rudder were in the barn's loft. The boat's fire extinguisher was in the starboard seat locker and is fine.

So, you can mark the boat RIP.

Norman Bliss

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